How to Improve your Chances to get Admitted to an MBA

Improve your chances for an MBA

Many people ask us many questions regarding their chances to get admitted and what to do to improve them. If you found yourself asking:

  • How can I improve my chances to get admitted?
  • What can I do if the application is one year from now?
  • How can I stand out amongst other similar candidates?

Then you are at the right place. In this article we will highlight some things you can do to improve your chances to get into a Top MBA school.

Recommendations from Current Students and Alums

As a first step, we would highly recommend to speak with as many students and alums as possible. This will allow you to get different views from different students on the program. Other benefits aside, this can help you to decide if you are a good fit for the school. It is also helpful to reflect if you are interested in studying with students similar to the people you spoke to.

In addition to knowing more about the school, this will allow you to start building relationships that can help you further down the process. For instance, those students could host you and show you around when you visit the school. They could also help by reviewing your essays and helping you practice for you interviews. And if the relationship is strong enough, you might ask them to send an informal recommendation letter to the admission team. This will make your application “pop to the top”.

As a side note, this is a great opportunity to establish connections with students from different schools too.

Recommendation from Faculty

Recommendation from Faculty
Recommendation from Faculty

Similar to the step before, we highly recommend to start early and to reach out to Professors and faculty members. The goal is to establish a connection by demonstrating interest in a class they teach, their area of research, articles written by them or any relevant topic.

We believe this step can shed some light on your what to expect from your academic experience. It can also help you to get a desired TA (Teaching Assistant) role. Finally,  name dropping in an interview and essay can help you get admitted. Even better if the faculty speaks highly about you with admission.

School Visit

School Visit

School visit can be expensive and also time consuming – you can read more about it in our article here. Thus we suggest the following in-order to make the most out of it:

  • Schedule class visit via the school program (few examples: MIT, HBS, GSB, Wharton)
  • Schedule time with admissions (and ask smart questions in this session)
  • Schedule time with students and faculty
  • Visit clubs or attend out-of-school events
  • Take time to explore school with no rush
  • Share your experience with admissions via email (this way it will be kept on file that you visited)

Event visit

MBA Networking Event

Many Schools host events all around the world with admissions and alumni such as HBS, MIT, WhartonThere are also many fairs where different school come to speak.

Those events are again a great opportunity to to get a better grasp of the school and the students. You should also make an effort to express your interest to join the program and make yourself positively memorable with admission 🙂

Finally, usually in the application process there is a tab where the schools ask if you joined any events and this is your time to shine.

Write About it

Finally, you went through all those steps and now it is the time to gather everything you learned and all the connections you made and put them into your application.

Try to think about why this school will be the best fit for you? What is unique about the school and program that you want to experience? What were your impressions of the students, alums and faculty? Don’t forget to namedrop those experiences and the people that shaped your view on the school – it is always great to demonstrate you did your homework and worked hard on the application.

Good luck with increasing your chances and please share with us your success stories!


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