Housing at Stanford GSB

Housing at Stanford GSB for MBA students is potentially one of the reasons why MBAs at Stanford are known to be a close-knit community. Made it in? Congratulations, now it’s time to find where to live.

The GSB Bubble

First Year

Most Stanford first-years live in the Stanford residences. These residences are very convenient for students as they are across the street from the GSB main campus. But the main benefit is that people that live in these residences are usually very involved in the school’s social scene because so many students choose to live there. These residences offer a bedroom, bathroom, and a shared kitchen with another resident at ~$1,800 per month.

Alternatively, some GSB students like to have the option to disconnect or have larger options for couples. The two most common Stanford GSB Housing options among these students are the EV Studios or the Munger. Both 10 minutes walk away.

The EV Midrise offers 1-bedroom apartments for couples without children at ~$2,000 per month. For couples with children the EV Lowrise offers 2 and 3 bedroom apartments at ~$2,200+ per month.


All GSB students have access to swimming pools and gyms in several facilities across the campus. ACSR is the nearest facility to GSB – about a 5-minute walk.


Trader Joe’s is the most popular option among GSBers. It’s located in Town and Country Village (a shopping center in Palo Alto).


Owning a car as a first-year student is not a very popular choice. Most students use Lyft and Uber, or Zip Cars for a drive to San Francisco. Stanford offers several on-campus shuttles (“Marguerite Shuttles”) for free to the public. However, these are not very popular among GSB students.

Dining and Nightlife

There are 2 main streets where GSBers often visit for food and drinks: University Avenue and California Avenue in downtown Palo Alto. “The Nut House” is probably the most popular bar among Stanford GSB students. Another option is dining off campus in the Stanford Shopping Center.

Second Year

Housing at Stanfrod GSB for Second-year students with no children is typically off campus. Commonly students either choose to live by themselves or with 4-7 other GSB roommates to save. These large houses are usually pass-downs from former GSB students who will then graduate. These pass downs typically happen in the Winter Quarter on online groups.

Most Stanford GSB Housing pass-down are located around Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Redwood City – all within a 15-minute drive from campus.


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