Housing at Duke Fuqua

Got into an MBA at Duke Fuqua? Congratulations, now it’s time to decide where to live. We consulted with Fuqua students to write this unofficial guid, summarizing the popular housing options at Duke Fuqua. Special thanks to Moshe Abramovitch, Fuqua 19′ who made a significant contribution in co-authoring this post.

The Heart of Fuqua is… a Supermarket?

Since dorms are not an option for graduate students at Fuqua, everybody decides to live in Durham. The majority, if not all, choose to live on or around 9th street. But where is the place to be? Some other schools that group into family vs. singles, internationals vs. locales, or proximity to a bar. But Fuqua’s Mecca is different. It’s the “Harris Teeter” supermarket.

Ok, maybe we are exaggerating. Not all Fuqua students even go to that supermarket. But some students tell us that the closer you are to Harris Teeter, the better. It’s a super convenient (but a little expensive) spot for shopping and it’s where folks randomly meet each other after school. Whether in daily shopping or late at night to buy snacks after having a few too many drinks – Harris Teeter is the place to be, at least for some.

A Bird’s Eye View

Fuqua students like to live close to each other. Here’s a map to depict how close the popular housing options are to each other:

Duke Fuqua Housing Map

The Popular Options

The Top Four

Most students choose between Station 9 Apartments, Berkshire 9th St., Berkshire Main St., and 810 9th Apartments. Fuqua students recommend to get on the waitlist for multiple options as early as possible to secure the option.

  • Station Nine Apartments is the oldest of the four. However it is now (2019) going through significant renovations while maintaining a cheaper price. This building is known for hosting more parties, making it a little louder than the rest. The building also features a rooftop basketball court. Not only is Station Nine the cheaper option at around $1,500 for a 730 sqft 1BR, but they also allow you to sublet it during the summer internship! Pro tip: Some who are looking for a cheap 2BR alternative will be happy to find that some 1BR apartments in Station 9 come with a den which can be converted into a windowless room.
  • Berkshire 9th Street is considered a bit more “fancy” with newer facilities, but comes with a higher price tag. It starts at about $1,800 for a 1BR. Subletting is not allowed but like they do offer a slightly reduced rent during the summer (~$1,500 or less). Despite the higher price, it is a trendier choice for many Fuqua students. Presumably, that is partially why Station Nine Apartments chose to renovate.
  • Berkshire Main Street is a very similar choice to Berkshire 9th Street, but is slightly more preferred by families. Same no-sublet but reduced rent policy applies.
  • 810 9th is a slightly less popular choice, especially among internationals. But still a great choice of some Fuqua students.

All of these complexes (and the ones mentioned below) offer a gym, pool, and top notch amenities.

Other Options

Beyond complexes, many students choose to move to a house on their second year. Some, especially American students, choose to rent houses on their first year. While students move in the houses, they still stay in or around 9th street. Fuqua students tell us that this is a slightly over priced option.

What’s around

What’s an MBA without the social component? Here is where everyone meets each other, other than school, Harris Teeter, and the building’s common places:

  • Tavern is a bar where all Fuqua students meet every Tuesday. Consider this tradition when choosing a living location. Even though almost everyone owns a car at Fuqua, you don’t want to drive after a Tuesday Tavern.
  • Shooters II is a nightclub that offers a graduate students’ Friday line. Many Fuqua MBAs choose to go every Friday. If you ever find out what happened to Shooters I, let us know in the comments below. Rumor has it that it has been burnt.
  • Daine’s is the “chill bar” where students meet up to drink beer casually and play some bar games.
  • Wholefoods – in case you prefer Wholefoods or just want to go to the supermarket without bumping into 50 classmates, Wholefoods is just a walk away (or a 1-2 minute drive).
  • Costco – if you need to buy in bulk, Costco is around a 7 minute drive away.
  • Food: Burger Batch is a popular fast food option right around the corner. If you prefer Asian tapas, give Juju a visit.
  • Downtown will require a drive, but offers some popular hangout places for Fuqua students. Two worthy callouts are Mateo and Toro’s Pizzeria.

Kindergarten options: Bright Horizons is expensive but the most recommend. There is a waitlist so register early if you know you’d need it for your kid. Another option is the Duke kindergarten. Both are on the campus.

What if I can’t drive?

Driving in Durham is highly recommended, but if it is not an option for you – fear not. There are frequent shuttles to the campus. During evening hours you can order a free van from campus back to the complexes.



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