GMAT Verbal Sentence Correction Cheat Sheet

Sentence Correction

GMAT Sentence Correction Cheat Sheet

Struggling with sentence correction on the GMAT? We’re here to help! We summarized all the key English grammar rules that are key to nailing the sentence correction questions in verbal section of the GMAT exam, and placed them in a 15-page cheat sheet.

There are two approaches to studying to GMAT Sentence Correction questions. Some students prefer to learn “shortcuts”, and “hints” to identify which selection is correct. Others prefer to study the underlying grammar and style rules. While no approach is correct and you can definitely get very high scores with both, we follow the latter approach.

The summary lays out all of the essential grammar rules for the GMAT in 15 condensed pages.

We strongly recommend diving into each of the subjects. After doing so, memorize this summary and practice.

Good luck!


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